Stanford students call for DEI dean to be 'fired' for disrupting judge's speech

The Stanford College Republicans are calling on the law school to remove a DEI dean after she sided with hecklers by accusing Judge Kyle Duncan of 'disenfranchisement' during a speaking engagement.

The discomfort she expressed with Duncan’s presentation, according to the College Republicans Vice President, is what one would expect from a DEI dean.

The Stanford College Republicans are calling on Stanford Law School to remove a DEI dean after she disrupted a conservative judge’s speaking engagement.

Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tirien Steinbach sided with hecklers by accusing Judge Kyle Duncan of “disenfranchisement” during his Mar. 9 engagement. 

Duncan, a U.S. Circuit Court judge appointed by former President Trump, spoke on “Guns, Covid and Twitter” as part of an event hosted by the Stanford Federalist Society. Protesting students, according to Campus Reform, took issue with his stances on voter ID laws and transgender youth. 

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A video shared by the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC) shows Steinbach hijacking the judge’s speech, and when he attempted to defend himself, students shouted him down.

In response to Steinbach’s actions, the Stanford College Republicans are demanding that she “be fired for her dismal dereliction of duty.”

“We are appalled and disappointed to hear about the disruption of an event put on by our friends at the Stanford Federalist Society last week, in which radical leftist law students worked in consort with Associate Dean Tirien Steinbach to silence their speaker Judge Duncan,” an Instagram post from the organization reads. 

College Republicans Vice President Stephen Sills told Campus Reform that he has not heard of “any punitive action” taken against Steinbach.

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“As an individual who wields tremendous authority over students, it was appalling but not surprising to see a Stanford [d]ean engage in fascistic tactics,” Sills writes. 

Though Stanford’s president and law school dean released an apology, the Stanford College Republicans are urging further action. 

“If you wish to voice your displeasure to the Stanford [d]ean … please politely email Tirien Steinbach at her office email,” the Instagram post says. 

Sills says that the discomfort Steinbach expressed with Duncan’s presentation is what one would expect from a DEI dean. 

Campus Reform reached out to all relevant parties listed for comment and will update this article accordingly. Best efforts were made to contact Judge Duncan. 

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