Stanford U prof, Antifa leader plans 'broad, visible and loud network' against campus conservatives

The professor criticized Stanford for not protecting its personnel against conservative influence sufficiently, questioning its relationship with the Hoover Institution.

Campus Reform previously reported that the professor was granted a leadership role in Stanford’s free speech infrastructure, despite founding the ‘Campus Anti-fascist Network’ four years ago.

A Stanford University professor is planning a “broad, visible and loud network” to mobilize against campus conservatives.

David Palumbo-Liu, the Stanford University professor who co-founded the “Campus Anti-facist Network” in 2017, hinted in an opinion piece this month that campus leftists would organize against conservatives at the prestigious California school. 

Writing in The Stanford Daily, Palumbo-Liu lamented previous failed campaigns to pressure Stanford’s administration into censoring conservatives, including the formation of a faculty committee “to look into the relationship between Stanford and the Hoover Institution.”

“In the absence of any robust action from the administration, many students, staff, faculty, and alumni are planning to do the only other thing left open to us — develop a broad, visible and loud network of mutual support,” Palumbo-Liu concluded in the June 8 article.

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Campus Reform reported in December that the university placed the radical professor in charge of its “Committee on Campus Climate, Community, and Speech.”

At the time, Stanford College Republicans President Stephen Sills predicted to Campus Reform that “Palumbo-Liu will do everything in his power to ensure that conservatives on campus are silenced forever, either through school policy or brute force.”

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As Palumbo-Liu admits in the opinion piece, the radical professor was motivated to investigate the Hoover Institution’s relationship with Stanford University because two of its fellows contributed to The Daily Caller, describing the outlet as an “alt-right publication.”

Campus Reformed reached out to the Stanford College Republicans and received a statement from the organization. 

”Palumbo-Liu also has a concerning record of inciting and justifying political violence,” read the statement. “We are not surprised to see David Palumbo-Liu using what little influence he has on the drive conservative ideas off campus permanently.”

Campus Reform reached out to Palumbo-Liu to gain clarity on his remarks; this article will be updated accordingly.

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