'Stay the f*** away from me', Ferris State professor calls in-person students 'vectors of disease'

The professor can be seen on camera referring to students as "vectors of disease" while raging against COVID-19 policies, calling students who attend class in-person "selfish kids who don't give a f*** about whether grandpa lives or dies."

Mehler also confessed to assigning grades at random at the beginning of the term.

A tenured professor at Ferris State University in Michigan has been placed on leave after publishing a video in which he called his students “selfish kids who don’t give a sh*t whether grandpa lives or dies” for choosing to attend class.

Ferris State University spokesperson Sandy Gholston told Campus Reform that the university “is aware of a course video distributed to students, in early January, by a faculty member, believed to be Professor Barry Mehler,” adding that he has been placed on leave pending an investigation.

Mehler, Director of the Institute for the Study of Academic Racism and the Director of the Shoah Institute, can be seen on video directing a slew of profane language toward his students.

The video begins with him wearing a space helmet and a mask.

“I may have f***ed up my life flatter than hammered s***, but I stand before you today beholding to no human c*ksucker,” Mehler says. “I’m working in a paid f***ing union job and no limber-d*ck c*ksucker of an administrator is going to tell me how to teach my classes. Because I’m a f****** tenured professor. So, if you want to go complain to your dean, f*** you, go ahead. I’m retiring at the end of this year and I couldn’t give a flying f*** any longer.”

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Mehler then proceeds to refer to his students as “vectors of disease.”

Mehler also stated that his students’ grades are irrelevant and predetermined before the semester begins. 

“None of you c**ksuckers are good enough to earn an A in my class. So I randomly assign grades before the first day of class.” 

He continues, “[t]hat is how the predestination works and don’t come f****** complaining to me.”

Telling students that they need not come to class, Mehler states, “[w]hen I look out at a classroom filled with fifty students, I see fifty selfish kids who don’t give a sh*t whether grandpa lives or dies. And if you won’t expose your grandpa to a possible infection with COVID, then stay the f*** away from me.”

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Ferris President David Eisler told Campus Reform that he was “shocked and appalled” by the video, adding “It is profane, offensive and disturbing and in no way reflects our University or its values.”

Ferris State University students have also expressed concern. 

“I believe that behavior like this should never be tolerated no matter if they have tenure or not,” Ferris student Tyler Ihle told Campus Reform, adding that he would be disappointed in the university if no further action was to be taken.

“I don’t know why people like this are allowed to teach. I’ve heard complaints about this guy forever. Hope the administration acts accordingly,” Ferris student Gabriel Klee told Campus Reform.