Student gov member suggests honoring anti-socialism advocate for Women’s History Month. Students have a complete meltdown.

A member of the Wichita State University student senate suggested honoring Morgan Zegers — the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism — for a Women’s History Month post.

Students quickly called for the senator to be held “accountable.”

A member of the Student Government Executive Branch told the conservative student that she could not talk to news outlets.

A member of the Wichita State University student senate suggested honoring prominent female conservative Morgan Zegers in a Women’s History Month social media post. 

After seeing the post, students called for the senator to be held “accountable.”

Olivia Gallegos wanted to include Morgan Zegers — the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism and a Turning Point USA contributor — in the post, which also featured Janet Jackson and Shoshana Zuboff.

Zegers was initially pleased that the senators chose to seek an ideologically diverse set of honorees.

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“Thanks for including me, I appreciate you guys showing a diverse array of background and thought!” commented Zegers on Twitter. “Please don’t let people with communist hammer and sickle signs in their bio convince you I’m evil just because I’m an average conservative. Thanks again!”

However, Wichita State students quickly began expressing their displeasure with the post.

“I’ve never been more embarrassed to go to Wichita State,” commented one student. “This isn’t empowerment, this is an act of disrespect. SGA and DEIC just lost any and all faith I had in them to actually help students.”

Another student — who identified herself as a fellow student senator who was also involved in making the post — said that she was “extremely disappointed” by Gallegos’s choice to “promote a figure who publicly spreads hate, racism, and misinformation.”

“I hope this senator is held accountable for their actions immediately,” she added.

Another student senator remarked that he and many colleagues “whole-heartedly disapprove of the inclusion of Zegers.” He likewise promised to “hold senators accountable to our code of ethics.”

Zegers was not pleased with the students’ criticism of her inclusion.

“If you’re a student demanding the post be removed or the senator resign, please reconsider,” she remarked on Twitter. “It’s totalitarian. Am I truly that evil and don’t deserve to be in a women’s history post bc I’m an average conservative? I believe in empowering, accepting and embracing everyone.”

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Gallegos told Campus Reform that although the student government’s faculty advisor, Gabriel Fonseca, “has maintained the position that all views should be recognized and has been easy to work with throughout this,” the student government’s public relations officer — David Garcia, a fellow student — insisted that she “cannot speak to any media or news outlets.” Instead, those outlets “must go to him.”

During a Zoom breakout session involving the public relations officer, Fonseca, and Gallegos, the public relations officer informed Gallegos that he would manage “anything that comes up on the social media with news outlets.”

“If anyone wants to speak directly to you, they’re gonna have to come to me first,” he said. “If they go to you personally, don’t respond. Send it to me, and I will respond.”

Zegers told Campus Reform that the situation is “asinine, but not shocking.”

“It’s a sign of what’s to come: the transition from leftist’s false, ad hominem social media attacks calling everyone they disagree with white supremacists, fascists, and Nazis, to now full blown totalitarianism,” she explained. “The left is attempting to remove conservatives from the public square and positions of power, not just on college campuses.”

“This is the fight we will continue to face. We need to defend and stand up for young conservatives like Olivia when they are on the front line, which is why I’m standing by this student 100% and have promised to rally all of my network and resources to help defend her if it comes down to it,” she added.

Garcia told Campus Reform, however, that he didn’t intend to prevent Gallegos from talking to media.

”Thank you for reaching out. It is in the best interest of Senator Gallegos to funnel all media inquires through our communications team. It is generally best practice within our Association for the Director of Public Relations to always handle media relations and inquiries. She is allowed to say whatever she wants, we just asked that she at least us know if she is engaging with media outlets,” Garcia said.

Campus Reform reached out to Wichita State University, Garcia, Fonseca, and the student government for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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