Student gov moves to denounce College Republicans event

The California State University, Fullerton student government is considering a resolution officially denouncing an upcoming College Republicans event on campus.

The CR chapter is set to host conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos on Halloween, prompting the CSUF Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors to approve the resolution as a demonstration of its commitment to “supporting marginalized communities on campus.”

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Asserting that Yiannopoulos “has put students in jeopardy by publicly sharing information regarding their gender and citizenship status,” the resolution also notes that previous Yiannopoulos events have required other public universities in the state to expend five- and six-figure sums on security.

More tellingly, the resolution also states that “over [sic] 5,000 student and community members have signed a petition ‘No Alt-Right Speakers or Hate Groups at CSUF,’” after which it proceeds directly to articulating its denunciation of Yiannopoulos, adding that by doing so, “ASI will continue to uphold its previously passed resolutions by supporting marginalized communities on campus.”

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According to a press release from the CR chapter, members of Students for Quality Education, an unregistered left-winged organization funded by the California Faculty Association, endorsed the resolution at an ASI meeting Thursday, and a final vote is scheduled to take place on October 24.

CR members say that regardless of one’s opinion of Yiannopoulos, the resolution represents “another disappointing attack on conservatives and the freedom of speech from CSUF's student body, faculty, and student government.”

“This is about freedom of speech. With a vote to denounce Milo, ASI is sending a signal to conservatives that their voices don’t matter and are not represented,” said CR President Amanda McGuire. “Conservative voices are, once again, the first to be silenced. ASI has remained neutral for this long and any deviance from their prior stance would show the student body that conservatives are excluded.”

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“Organizations on my campus are seeking to define my speech as hate speech and violence,” club Event Director Ryan Hoskins concurred. “This resolution is just one more step towards accomplishing that goal. I hope the student leadership will make the right decision and stand up for free speech.”

One CR member even said that this type of reaction confirms his previous reluctance about sharing his conservative beliefs on a liberal-leaning campus.

“I have never been politically active because I was afraid to speak my opinion,” Flint Giedt remarked. “ASI condemning Milo instead of staying neutral shows they do not care for the many students that stay silent in fear like I used to.”

Campus Reform reached out to the CSUF student government for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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