Student gov trashes conservative 'coming out' event

The group also says it has received threats for putting on the activity.

YCT encouraged conservative students to “come out” and share their opinion on campus.

The Texas State University student government introduced a resolution to condemn the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) for a “coming out” activity aimed at conservative students on campus.

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Texas State University has introduced a resolution to condemn a conservative group for a tabling event titled “Conservative Coming Out Day,” which allowed conservative students to “come out” and share their views on campus. 

Hosted by the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) at Texas State, the event coincides with “National Coming Out Day” for individuals who have not publicly “come out” as LGBT.

The resolution accuses YCT of “homophobia,” “bias,” and “violating the shared values” of the school. The resolution also specifically says the YCT’s “continued belittlement of LGBTQIA+...make[s] it harder for LGBTQIA+ students to feel welcome on our campus.”

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YCT released a statement standing by its event and noted that there were even Log Cabin Republicans were in attendance. The Log Cabin Republicans is an organization that represents LGBT conservatives. 

“The event in question, Conservative Coming Out Day, was a demonstration of how many conservative students are afraid to discuss their political beliefs on campus,” the statement reads. “We are proud to have invited Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) with the intent to ensure that nothing that took place could have in any way been harmful to the LGBTQIA+ community. Had any SGA members actually spoken with us prior to writing this virtue-signaling piece, they would have known that.”

YCT also claimed members of SGA alleged the event was a reason that “LGBTQIA+ students commit suicide.” 

In response to the SGA resolution, the YCT announced that it no longer recognizes the student government as legitimate. 

“The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas State University hereby denounces, condemns, and refuses to recognize the Texas State University Student Government as a legitimate, reasonable, and responsible organization.”

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YCT President Sebastian Quaid told Campus Reform that the Texas State SGA “routinely” abuses conservative students. 

“The final tipping point is when we did our annual Conservative Coming Out Day event this year with our local Log Cabin Republican President, Michael Cargill. [We were] told by the SGA that we are the reason LGBT students commit suicide,” Quaid said. “This was too is incredibly dangerous for one organization to push such rhetoric and we can no longer stand by and watch as they try to burn our school to the ground.” 

Quaid also asked other students to denounce SGA. 

“I implore other students to denounce this ridiculous organization as well.”

According to the YCT Twitter feed, the group also faced threats for putting on the event.

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