Student government stages protest against TX transgender athlete bill

The University of Houston Student Government Association promoted its rally against a Texas law that requires student athletes to participate on sports teams in accordance with their biological sex.

Campus Reform obtained pictures of the event.

The University of Houston’s Student Government Association (SGA) took a stand recently against the Texas legislature’s House Bill 25, which requires public school athletes to compete on sports teams according to their biological sex. 

That stand raised concerns among conservative students that the student fee-funded body was too involved in partisan politics. 

SGA members held an on-campus protest against the bill Jan. 27. The legislation took effect Jan. 18, five days prior to the body promoting the gathering on Instagram. 

”[The Instagram post] bothered me because the Student Government Association is funded by student services fees that are paid for by the students,” University of Houston student Mike Moore told Campus Reform

Moore is the chairman of the university’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter. 

”Elected members of student government are using their platform to advocate for partisan, political positions,” Moore continued. “They are taking positions on partisan issues regarding the state legislature when, to me, it’s the student government’s responsibility to improve the school.”

In pictures obtained by Campus Reform, a handful of students can be seen sitting in a circle on the lawn. The Student Government Association’s banner hung over a table while protesters held signs advocating for transgender participation in sports.

University of Houston student Micah Chantos witnessed the rally and vocalized his concerns about the promoted partisanship to Campus Reform. 

”They have to represent the entire student body, and they’re really not really elected in the traditional sense,” Chantos said. 

Chantos stated that since there are other student organizations that engage in political issues, it is unnecessary for the SGA to push a political agenda. 

The protest featured the slogans “Kill HB 25,” “Protect Trans Kids,” and “Transgender kids are kids too.” 

Rally organizer and SGA Chief of Staff Brett Bonnete documented the rally on Instagram, taking credit for the event. 

”It was a truly awesome experience to lead my House Bill 25 protest and raise awareness about the legislation that is being passed in our very state,” Bonnete stated in an Instagram post.

College Democrats at the University of Houston attended as well, according to Bonnete’s post, which also stated, “It is important, now more than ever, to make sure that students know that our organization of student leaders stands in solidarity with them.” 

House Bill 25 stipulates that “public school students [must] compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on biological sex.” 

The bill, sponsored by a plethora of Republican lawmakers, passed in the House on October 17 with a 76-61 majority. 

Similarly in South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem signed legislation Feb. 3 that requires collegiate athletes to compete according to their sex. 

In New Jersey, Republican lawmakers are pushing for the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which is currently before the Senate Education Committee.

Campus Reform reached out to Bonnete, the Student Government Association, and the University of Houston for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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