Student leaders want to suspend campus organizations that write 'transphobic posts'

Resolution 6, titled 'Trans Existence is not a Debate,' was argued and passed at the University of North Texas in response to a Young Conservative of Texas event with Jeff Younger in early March.

A video obtained by Campus Reform shows an alleged member of the student government admitting that the resolution was passed in order to disband Young Conservative of Texas.

A resolution passed by the University of North Texas (UNT) Student Government Association demands that any student organization accused of making transphobic comments or posts be “immediately suspended” as a registered student organization. 

Doing so, the students allege, will improve the “mental, emotional, and physical health” of the school’s transgender community.

”THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT, any UNT Student Organization that engages in harassment, discrimination, hate crimes, and/or violation of UNT policy through transphobic posts, statements, and actions be immediately suspended to protect the mental, emotional, and physical health of trans gender students at UNT,” the resolution reads.

Resolution 6, titled “Trans Existence is not a Debate,” was argued and passed in response to a Young Conservative of Texas (YCT) event with Jeff Younger in early March. 

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As Campus Reform previously reported, the event was cut short after a mob of leftist students swarmed the venue, and the chapter leader was forced to be evacuated and hidden in a janitor’s closet. 

A video obtained by Campus Reform shows an alleged member of the student government admitting that the resolution was passed in order to disband YCT.

”I have passed legislation that will effectively disband YCT,” the student says.

The resolution is a 31-page draft that details additional events and social media posts made by the YCT chapter. 

The Student Government accused YCT of violating UNT policy 16.004, which details the university standard on prohibiting “discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.”

”The transphobic statements, actions, and rhetoric used on campus directly threaten the physical health and lives of UNT students, and caused substantial and direct harm and distress to the trans community on campus,” the resolution states.

However, the Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)argues that the resolution is an attempt to evade the First Amendment.

Students are free to speak out against the Younger event or his arguments. But the SGA’s resolution goes too far at a public institution bound by the First Amendment,” FIRE stated.

FIRE is a non-profit organization that “defend[s] and sustain[s] the individual rights of students and faculty members at America’s colleges and universities.” 

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Of course, the university would have an obligation to address transphobic conduct that would meet the legal definitions of harassment or discrimination, but a lot of speech some might say is “transphobic” is also protected speech that doesn’t break and law and can’t be punished,” Director of the Individual Rights Defense Program Alex Morey told Campus Reform.

The UNT resolution is not a singular incident on college campuses. 

On Apr. 25, students rallied during a George Washington University Student Association Senate Meeting to implore the student leaders to suspend Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) for allegedly violating the student code of conduct based on tweets accused of being anti-LGBTQ.

YAF is a conservative student organization that advocates for “individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values.”

The “No Place for Hate Act” was passed unanimously and demands that the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement conduct diversity training sessions with YAF members.

The Office of Student Life is also called upon to suspend the organization and remove its registration status.

Campus Reform has contacted every organization mentioned in this article and will update the article accordingly.

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