Student newspaper appoints student who assaulted a cop as its photo editor

Julius Shieh was arrested for assaulting an officer at an ‘avenge Trans Youth’ protest in Austin.

A fundraiser for Shieh claims he was ‘targeted, arrested, and brutally bodyslammed’ because he was protesting against Governor Abbott’s stances on transgender and BLM issues.

The Daily Texan, a student newspaper affiliated with the University of Texas at Austin (UTA), recently hired Julius Shieh, a student who was arrested in February for assaulting a police officer, to serve as its photo editor.

Shieh was arrested for assaulting an officer at the “Avenge Trans Youth“ protest on Feb. 27 of this year, where students gathered to protest Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. The Instagram post about the protest characterizes Governor Abbott as an evil capitalist and accuses him of being sexist and racist.  

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According to Fox News coverage of the event, Shieh kicked an officer’s bike and then kicked the officer in the shin. 

Elena Garcia, whose identity cannot be verified, created a fundraiser to pay for Shieh’s “legal fees, health bills, and any time missed off of work.”

The fundraiser’s website does not speak to Shieh’s assault, but claims that “Police targeted, arrested, and brutally bodyslammed” Shieh because he was protesting against Governor Abbott’s stances on transgender and BLM issues. 

The account only raised $4,481 out of its $15,000 goal. 

Shieh’s Twitter bio contains the hashtags #BLM (Black Lives Matter) and #ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards). 

The Daily Texan told Campus Reform, “This is a private personnel matter, but we believe it’s important to let you know that the charges against Julius Shieh were dropped shortly after the protest. We at The Daily Texan do not condone violence of any kind.”

UTA has struggled with anti-cop sentiment since the 2020 push to defund police. 

In 2021, Freshman students at UTA were ambushed by Cops Off Campus protestors that stormed the campus while new students were moving into their dorms.

Shortly after, Campus Reform reported on the city of Austin’s struggle to combat crime due to approved budget cuts of the police department in 2020. 

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Following the budget cuts, Austin PD reported hundreds of unsupervised sex offender cases due to the lack of manpower. The effects of defunding the police were felt on campus when UTA police increased patrols on the western side of campus to ensure student safety.  

Campus Reform contacted Shieh, The Daily Texan, and the University of Texas at Austin for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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