Student protesters disrupt conservative congressman's campus speech: 'You are a criminal'

Protesters at the University of Georgia disrupted a College Republicans and Turning Point USA event featuring Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA).

Protesters at the University of Georgia disrupted a College Republicans and Turning Point USA event featuring Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA).

The University of Georgia Turning Point USA chapter and College Republicans hosted Collins for a speaking event on Wednesday night, but most of his speech was drowned out by protesters who had to be removed from the room.

One individual accused Collins of exploiting the death of Laken Riley, who was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant while jogging at the University of Georgia.

”How dare you come on this campus and exploit Laken Riley’s death to push your xenophobic, fascist, racist, agenda...people are in this country legally and your f--king cops are gonna get them arrested and deported,” the individual said before being escorted out of the event by police.

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”F**k you, you’re a b***h,” the individual said.

Another individual disrupted the event a short time later, reading what appears to be a script off her phone about abortion.

”Take your white supremacist rhetoric elsewhere, your neo-nationalist rhetoric elsewhere representative. You do not represent us, and you do not represent me,” one woman said while being escorted out of the event by police.

”You’ve demonstrated that you serve the genocidal state of Israel rather than the American people,” another student yelled at Collins while being taken out of the event by police.

After a short period of time, a separate man got out of his seat and “You are a coward, you are supporting and abetting a genocidal war crime of Israel.”

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Luke Winkler, president of the University of Georgia College Republicans told Campus Reform that protesters disrupted the event for about 20-30 minutes.

”Really, honestly, the rest of the meeting, to where it was just someone would stand up and start reading something off of their phone and just start screaming at Congressman Collins,” said Winkler.

Winkler said that he wanted campus police to attend the event as a precaution, but “didn’t envision” that they would have to remove people. He said that a University of Georgia government relations representative was also at the event.

”They’re just mentally ill people,” Winkler said of the protesters.

The College Republicans president said he will ask the University of Georgia to open an investigation into the students who disrupted the event.

It’s unclear what group organized the disruptive protest inside the event, but the University of Georgia’s Young Democratic Socialists of America posted on social media that they would be protesting “anti-immigrant” Congressman Mike Collins outside the building where the event was held.

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Georgia and Collins for comment.