Student Senate claims Matt Walsh will create an 'unsafe environment' on campus

Stanford University's Undergraduate Senate voted 13-0 for a resolution on December 1 to oppose the university's chapter of College Republicans hosting Matt Walsh in Spring 2023.

The resolution is titled 'Resolution to support Queer Students and Address UGS Funding Decision.'

Stanford University’s Undergraduate Senate (UGS) voted 13-0 for a resolution on December 1 to oppose the university’s chapter of College Republicans hosting Matt Walsh in Spring 2023.

The resolution is titled “Resolution to support Queer Students and Address UGS Funding Decision.”

“This resolution mentions transphobia, misogynoir [misogyny directed towards black women], violence, and suicide,” the document warns.

Stanford’s UGS condemns Walsh for a variety of purported moral infractions, such as “creat[ing] a children’s book and documentary that invalidates trans identities and continues to spread harmful messages putting trans and queer people at risk.”

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It continues, “The protection of marginalized communities is a priority of the 24th Undergraduate Senate... the UGS has been in contact with student and faculty leaders in Queer Student Resources (QSR) and the Women’s Community Center to decide the best course of action to support queer students on campus in light of this event.”

According to the resolution, the UGS donated $1000 to the Trans Day of Remembrance event in November of 2022.

USG proceeds to emphasize that they do “not stand for transphobic, homophobic, or any form of anti-queer or gender marginalized discrimination on our campus,” and that they believe Walsh’s “presence will create an unsafe environment on campus.”

$1000 was promised to be reserved for “counter programming.”

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Walsh’s tour faced protests and unhinged opposition at many other colleges and universities last year.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, protesters assaulted and threatened a Young Americans for Freedom member.

The Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign similarly protested Walsh’s tour with singing, chants, trans flags, and posters. 

Attendees of Walsh’s lecture at the University of Central Florida were called “fascists,” “Nazis,” and “pedophiles.”

Campus Reform contacted Stanford Undergraduate Senate, Stanford College Republicans, and Stanford University for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.