Student wins election at UGA after Leadership Institute training

Will Stevens was one of four candidates running for two student government senate positions at Morehead Honors College.

Stevens won the most votes of the four.

A top graduate of one of the Leadership Institute’s National Youth Leadership Schools (YLS) received the most votes for a University of Georgia senate position in a student government election last week.

Will Stevens, a student at the University of Georgia, won an election to be a senator at UGA’s Morehead Honors College this February. Stevens, who is majoring in International Affairs and Journalism, attended a Youth Leadership School in 2023 as well as a Leadership Institute Campus Election Workshop (CEW) earlier this year. He is also a member of the College Republicans and the Wesley Foundation, a UGA campus ministry.

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Campus Reform is a project of the Leadership Institute, a conservative organization that trains students to become leaders on campus and in the world through its programs.

Of the 948 votes cast in the election for senators for Morehead Honors College last week, Stevens won almost a third at 305, with the next closest candidate winning 261, as seen from the official election results page. Stevens will join the 37th Student Government Association administration when the term begins, the page shows. 

“UGA has truly allowed me to develop my interests and grow in my weaknesses,” Stevens wrote in an appeal to the student body. “If elected, I hope to take everything I have learned and use it to help pass helpful legislation, empowering UGA to continue to thrive.” Among the issues he hopes to address are increased class flexibility during inclement weather and letting graduate assistants instruct honors classes.

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Stevens is one of the most recent examples of a student leader winning an election after attending the Leadership Institute’s CEW. Last year, CEW trainees won elections at the University of Houston, the University of Connecticut, and Slippery Rock University.

Interested students can request to enroll in a CEW here.

Campus Reform contacted Stevens for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.