Students aggressively mock, harass Charles Murray at UMich

Charles Murray’s event at the University of Michigan was completely overthrown by student protesters, who occupied the auditorium and loudly interrupted Murray for 40 minutes before sauntering out of the room.

The event, set to begin at 6:00 p.m. EST, was immediately shut down by protesters before Murray even was given a chance to begin as one demonstrator projected a “white supremacist” hologram above his head.

“Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK! Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist KKK!,” protesters continually shouted, seemingly occupying the majority of the seats in the venue, according to a live stream of the event provided by the school’s College Republicans chapter who hosted the event.

At one point a man who identified himself as the school’s director of public affairs took the microphone while attempting to ask student protesters to remain quiet.

“We’ve been silent too long!” protesters repeatedly shouted in response, with another yelling “stop silencing students of color!”

The administrator appeared to continue delivering the statement he had come make, but was drowned out by protesters, who took to remarking on the presence of police officers in the auditorium.

Until protesters left the venue, Murray was allowed only brief periods to speak, as one protester took to the stage to ask him a question.

“Do you not understand that your book undermines our very means of speaking?” one protester asked as he walked up on stage to confront Murray personally, mocking Murray’s commitment to free speech.

When the man asked Murray about his controversial thesis on differences in human IQ, the speaker attempted to explain his theory, but the hecklers had no interest in listening.

“You are a sexist too!” One demonstrator yelled out when Murray mentioned that there are differences between men and women. “Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK!”

After the protester left the stage, the hecklers continued to yell out questions and accuse Murray of being a racist.

“Does it make you feel good that your work is on white supremacist websites?” One attendee yelled out. Others pressed the speaker on the same topic, linking white supremacy to to Murray’s thesis.

After several minutes of heated verbal exchanges, the demonstrators finally left the venue, allowing Murray to proceed with his lecture.

Meanwhile, as protesters proceeded outside, Leadership Institute Field Representative Nathan Berning was repeatedly confronted by protesters, explaining that he was simply attempting to document the protests.

After doggedly following Berning around in order to block his camera with their signs, one unknown protester snatched his phone and tossed it over a balcony.

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