Students can now become a DOCTOR of ‘equity and social justice in education' at this Illinois university

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale started a doctoral program for “equity and social justice in education.”

The coursework will cover “educational systems and social learning theories,” “educational equity,” “gender, race and ethnicity,” and “democracy, diversity and social justice.”

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is launching a doctoral program for “equity and social justice in education.”

In response to the university’s drive toward solving “diversity, equity and inclusion” challenges, the program will prepare scholars “to address structural inequalities in educational settings and devise and assess programs and practices that can lead to improved educational access,” explained School of Education Dean M. Cecil Smith to the university.

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“Inequities in access to education, adequate funding and highly skilled, high-quality teachers remain a barrier for large populations throughout the United States,” Smith added. “Racism, sexism and discrimination persist despite decades of legal and public policy initiatives and social activism. As a result of those iniquities, gaps exist between different groups of students, both in terms of access and achievement.”

The three to five fellows selected annually will receive full financial support for up to three years and receive the opportunity to “take advantage of the university’s location as a rural higher education institution” — namely, by assuring educational equity as rural schools become “increasingly diverse.”

The students can choose to graduate with either a Ph.D. or Ed.D.

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The coursework will cover “educational systems and social learning theories” — includes topics such as “educational equity,” “gender, race and ethnicity,” “neurodiversity,” “democracy, diversity and social justice,” and “public engagement and advocacy,” among other topics.

Graduates will be equipped to find careers in academia, education, research, and government agencies.

Campus Reform reached out to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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