Students expose widespread anti-Semitism at Boston University

Online posts made by pro-Palestinian activists downplayed Hamas' attacks on Israelis and accused Israel of 'genocide.'

'My really close friend told me I belong in the oven,' said one Jewish student.

A group of students at Boston University have compiled evidence of widespread anti-Semitic incidents on campus.

The evidence, which includes photos, videos, and screenshots of social media posts, are divided into five folders: “Antisemitic Activities - Vandalism on Campus,” “Antisemitic Social Media Posts,” “BU Promoting Antisemitism,” “BU Students Honor Terrorists,” and “Hostage Poster Videos-Photos.”

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The first folder, “Antisemitic Activities - Vandalism on Campus,” contains photos and video footage of BU’s Greek Rock, painted with the colors and name of a Jewish fraternity being vandalized with anti-Semitic caricatures and Satanic imagery.

A photograph from 2021 reveals that this was not the first time that the rock has been subject to anti-Semitic vandalism. The picture shows the rock with the anti-Semitic slogan “Long Live the Intifada.”

The Greek Rock was not the only target of vandalism on campus. A photograph reveals that students vandalized the building of Hillel, a Jewish student organization, with the phrase, “Free Palestine.”

Another image shows an earlier instance of vandalism in March 2022, when anti-Israel students draped a banner with the slogans, “Free Palestine” and “End the Deadly Exchange.”

The folder also exposed anti-Semitism by the school’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter, showing members of the group engaging in anti-Semitic rhetoric and harassing students at pro-Hamas rallies, as well as reacting with laughing emojis to an article about the vandalism at Hillel.

The second folder, “Antisemitic Social Media Posts,” shows anti-Semitic activity on social media, mainly Instagram, by SJP and other student groups, as well as by individuals.

The third folder, “BU Promoting Antisemitism,” shows pro-Hamas articles published by BU Today. It also features texts in which a Jewish student spoke of a professor who demanded that the student delete a photo in which the professor was seen wearing a keffiyeh.

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The fourth folder, titled “BU Students Honor Terrorists,” displays students in several protests and sit-ins. 

The fifth folder, titled “Hostage Poster Videos-Photos,” shows students and faculty taking down various pro-Israel posters, including those containing pictures of children kidnapped from Israel. In addition, it shows posters with pro-Hamas propaganda.

The information collected by the students also includes BU’s history with the Jewish community, BU’s statements on other events as compared to its “slow and lackluster” statement reacting to the Oct. 7 massacre, and quotes from Jewish students and professors about the climate on campus.

“My really close friend told me I belong in the oven,” said one anonymous Jewish student.