Students for Fair Admissions appeals Harvard case to Supreme Court, expands challenge to Yale

Students for Fair Admissions — a group that seeks to fight racial discrimination in admissions policies — filed suit against Yale University.

President Joe Biden recently nixed a federal lawsuit seeking to address bias against Asian-American and White applicants in Yale’s admissions process.

Students for Fair Admissions — which sued Harvard University over its alleged discriminatory admissions policies toward Asian-Americans — filed suit against Yale University.

In a press release, Students for Fair Admissions President Edward Blum stated that “Yale, Harvard, the University of North Carolina, the University of Texas and many dozens of other highly competitive colleges and universities employ admissions practices that are discriminatory, unnecessary, and unconstitutional.”

He added that “students applying to undergraduate and post-graduate programs should be judged on their individual talents, character, academic skills, extra-curricular achievements and socio-economic background but not the color of their skin.”

The lawsuit points out that although discrimination according to race, color, and ethnicity violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Yale currently receives considerable federal funding, including $630 million annually from the Department of Health and Human Services alone.

As Campus Reform previously reported, former President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice conducted a two-year investigation which revealed that Yale discriminates against White and Asian-American applicants on the grounds of race. The Justice Department, therefore, brought legal action against the Ivy League university.

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Within the first month of his administration, President Joe Biden dropped the lawsuit submitted by his predecessor.

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Students for Fair Admissions — a nonprofit that launched a lawsuit against Harvard in 2014 alleging that the university holds Asian students to a higher standard than other applicants — began seeking legal action against Yale three weeks after the Biden administration nixed the federal lawsuit.

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Campus Reform reached out to Yale University and Students for Fair Admissions for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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