Students fear 'militarized environment' when Milo comes to CSUF

With more than a month to go before Milo Yiannopoulos’ appearance California State University, Fullerton, students are already calling on the administration to cancel the event.

The school’s College Republicans chapter confirmed the event in a September 20 statement, stating that the “rumors are true” and that the popular firebrand would be making an appearance on Halloween night.

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But students are already outraged with the decision, including members of the university’s Student for Quality Education club, which started a petition to ban Yiannopoulos from campus.

“Cal State Fullerton may be the stage for an Alt-Right circus show,” the petition—which has nearly 5,000 supporters—begins. “Milo Yiannopoulos is in the process of being contracted to bring his hatred and bigotry to our place of learning.”

The petition goes on to list the many views Yiannopoulos espouses that it takes issue with, such as his denouncement of “Black Lives Matter” and spreading “a message of anti-feminism.”

“At other Milo Yiannopoulos events, there has been a strong police presence, creating a tense, militarized environment that puts marginalized communities at risk,” the petition contends, calling it an insult to have “students throughout the CSU system pay for this.”

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“We call on [the] admin to block any attempts to bring these hateful leaders to campus,” it continues, calling Yiannopoulos’ presence a threat to “the civil rights of students.”

“Hate speech to incite violence and threaten the lives of students is not the same as free speech of diverse opinion,” the petition adds, concluding with a “call to action.”

Members of the College Republicans club have already responded to the petition, telling The Los Angeles Times that banning Yiannopoulos from campus will set unwanted precedents for all student groups.

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“If we start banning certain types of speakers like Milo, then the restrictions used to shut down those you don't agree with can be used against those who imposed them in the first place,'' member Michael Garcia remarked.

Similarly, chapter president Amanda McGuire stressed the school’s long commitment to diversity, saying the invitation of a “controversial speaker” will allow student to “consider what it means to have freedom of speech.”

“For too long, left-leaning groups have dominated campus culture and marginalized conservative thinkers through intimidation tactics and violent protests,” she said. “The CSUF Republicans provides a place for all voices to be heard.''

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