Students at North Carolina universities are often victims of anti-Semitism

Duke University's Student Government President vetoed a pro-Israel student organization's request to be recognized.

A University of North Carolina professor referred to the United States as a 'patron' for Israel and called the U.S. an 'imperialist death cult.'

North Carolina’s Jewish students are often victims of anti-Semitism on college campuses. Campus Reform has reported the following incidents: 

’Antisemitic fiasco’: Duke student leaders vetoed pro-Israel student organization

Duke University’s Student Government President vetoed a pro-Israel student organization’s request to be recognized.

As Campus Reform reported, Duke’s student government initially approved the group’s request, but five days later the student government president, Christina Wang, vetoed the approval, citing the group had reportedly been involved in a social media interaction with an individual, and that the exchange did not conform to expected conduct for a student organization.

The co-president of Duke’s Students Supporting Israel (SSI) said that the veto is “allowing the perpetuation of anti-Zionist remarks such as this one.”

UNC syllabus reading that says ‘Hamas isn’t the obstacle to peace’

The University of North Carolina (UNC) offered a course titled “The ‘Conflict’ Over Israel and Palestine” last fall. The course reportedly used anti-Semitic readings, assignments, and speakers. 

In 2013, the course professor states that “Israel’s intentions are clear as day: ethnic cleansing.”

The required readings critiqued the Abraham Accords and assigned podcasts that conflate Israel’s conflict with European imperialism.

Duke deletes Israel Birthright trip pictures from Instagram

Duke University posted photos on its Instagram in May, displaying photos of its students on a birthright trip to Israel. Palestine supporters flooded the post, and the university removed it after approximately 24 hours.

The SSI chapter condemned the university for creating “an uncomfortable situation for Jewish students and then [rescinding] their support.”

UNC expects ‘civil discourse’ from instructor that tweeted ‘US imperial death cult’

Kylie Broderick, a UNC professor, referred to the United States as a “patron” for Israel and called the U.S. an “imperialist death cult.” She also alleged that Palestinians are being murdered out of convenience to Israel and the US.

She has also referred to Israel as an “apartheid” state. Still, the university’s chancellor said he is “confident” the course will be taught fairly.

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