Students protest CIA recruitment event

Students protested a CIA recruitment event at Tufts' University.

Tufts’ Executive Director of Media Relations Patrick Collins told Campus Reform the protest did not disrupt the event.

While some students took the time to attend a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruitment event as a career-building opportunity, other Tufts University students chose to hold a protest.

Tufts Career Center hosted the recruitment event on Sept. 16 to give students the chance to learn more about CIA employment opportunities. The event took place inside the university’s Cohen Auditorium.

One protester reportedly handed out anti-CIA literature to people entering the auditorium. Others held signs that read “CIA GO AWAY!” and “CIA OUT OF TUFTS!,” according to The Tufts Daily.

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Tufts’ Executive Director of Media Relations Patrick Collins told Campus Reform the protest did not disrupt the event. 

Collins then said that the university respects both the students who chose to attend the event and the students who chose to protest it.

“The Tufts University Career Center provides access to a broad range of internship, part-time and full-time job opportunities to meet the demands and interests of our diverse student body,” Collins said.

“The Career Center consistently encourages students to select opportunities that best align with their personal interests and values. We respect the right of demonstrators to exercise their free speech rights and to express their opinions in accordance with Tufts’ policy.”

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One student, who requested to remain anonymous, referred to the protesters as virtue signalers.

“[I]t was just virtue signaling while intimidating students who were trying to create employment opportunities,” the student told Campus Reform. “They forget that the purpose of college is professional advancement. People pay money and take out loans to go to Tufts because it has networking advantages over other schools."

"Those students and parents shouldn’t have every other employment opportunity hindered because of these students," he said.

Campus Reform reached out to Tufts University, its career center, Esposito, and the CIA for comment. This article will be updated accordingly. 

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