Students react to SCOTUS gay marriage ruling

The Supreme Court of the United States legalized gay marriage nationwide this morning in a 5-4 ruling.

Student advocates on the stairs of the Supreme Court responded to today’s close 5-4 decision which made same-sex marriage legal in all fifty states.

Throngs attended to advocate their views on marriage and family in anticipation of the Court’s opinion on Obergefell v Hodges. Some chanted “Equality Now!” while others sang hymns at the peaceful demonstrations. As the decision became known, a huge number from the crowd cheered.

A large number of same-sex marriage advocates gathered in front of a group of young pro-traditional marriage demonstrators a short time before the ruling, blocking them from view.

“There’s still hope for the future,” said Joshua Denton, a Thomas Edison State College student, who held a sign depicting a mother, father, and their children. He added that he supported “natural marriage because I think it is the most conducive to a healthy society”.

Denton, said the ruling was “discouraging,” comparing it to the Court’s legalization of abortion in all 50 states in 1973. Roe V. Wade resulted in a 7-2 decision by the Court. He said young people are increasingly pro-life despite that ruling and expected “the same type of effects” regarding the same-sex marriage debate.

Yvonne Agduyeng, a Wesley Theological Seminary graduate student and youth minister, said she was “elated” by the decision and said she does not personally believe in “putting up walls for other people” regarding obtaining marriage licenses.

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This article has been amended since its initial publication.