Students shocked to learn Hillary Clinton's age

Less than one-third of the students knew the right answer to either question.

Students at Florida International University were shocked to learn that Hillary Clinton is 67-years-old and hasn’t driven a car in over 18 years.

It comes as a surprise to Millennials that Hillary Clinton, the front runner for the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, is 67-years-old and hasn’t driven since 1996.

Lauren Cooley, a field representative for Turning Point USA, spoke with students at Florida International University who thought Clinton was more than a decade younger and were surprised to find out she had not driven herself anywhere in over 18 years.

“She’s like 27? She’s been looking good recently,” one student said.

Other students were shocked after learning Clinton’s driving record, or lack thereof.

“That’s crazy to think she doesn’t drive her own car,” said another student.

According to College Fix, less than a third of the students knew the correct answer to either question.

“Asking questions is one of the most powerful ways to open someone’s eyes to an idea they may otherwise disagree with because questions often spark a genuine search for the truth,” Cooley told The Fix. “The questions asked in the video forced students to confront the idea that Hillary Clinton may just be a career politician that is out of touch with the average, American citizen.”

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