Students on Tampons In Men's Restrooms: 'I Guess They Don't Think'

Campus Reform Intern Emily Fowler spoke with young Americans in Georgetown on whether they think universities should be stocking male restrooms with tampons in light of the national tampon shortage.

Due to many women struggling to find tampons, some students say that universities should not be putting tampons in male restrooms.

Campus Reform Intern Emily Fowler recently asked young Americans in Washington, D.C., their thoughts on the issue.

“It’s really ridiculous,” one woman said, “ . . . like [universities] your going to use your extra supplies . . .  just to have them for like show.”

In the wake of the baby formula shortages, one woman said the tampon shortage is “disgusting.” 

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 “I can’t really fathom that this is reality right now, and I know a lot of women who are really experiencing it right now,” said one woman.

“It’s just disgusting that we have to . . . experience this on top of everything else,” another woman told Emily.

Campus Reform also spoke with men on the subject of tampons in male restrooms. When asked why tampons are in male restrooms in the first place, one young man said that “it is because [universities] don’t think.”

Other respondents stated that universities should provide tampons in male restrooms in order to be more inclusive toward transgender men.

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