Students taunted, spat upon for questioning transgenderism

A group of students seeking to spark a debate on transgenderism was instead verbally berated, spat upon, and allegedly assaulted at George Washington University.

The group, known as TFP Student Action, organized an April 3 demonstration on campus to promote traditional views of gender, but its members were mocked and harassed by student passersby.

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After attempting to block the demonstration with pro-transgender signs, the protesters tried to drown out the TFP students with obscenity-laced chants.

In one incident that was captured on video, a student can be overheard saying that if he “wouldn’t get caught, [he’d] kill them all,” while another promised a peer monetary compensation to spit on one of the demonstrators.

One student involved with TFP Student Action even claimed that he was actually spat upon by a counter-demonstrator while one of his compatriots was physically assaulted by another, a testimony that appears to be corroborated by video of police officers detaining an unidentified male protester.

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While George Washington Police Department’s crime log records an April 3 incident of “simple assault,” officials with the department did not respond to Campus Reform’s inquiry into whether or not this was related to TFP Student Action’s demonstration, nor did they elaborate on any consequences the aggressor might face.

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