Students at top 20 LGBTQ friendly school demand more resources

The University of Pittsburgh was recently voted a top 20 LGBTQ-friendly school.

Still, students allege that the university does not offer enough resources.

The University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) was recently voted a top 20 LGBTQ-friendly school by Best Colleges and Campus Pride Index. However, students are still demanding more resources. 

The university’s student newspaper, The Pitt News, published a Sept. 7 article showcasing student opinions on the school’s ranking. Many claimed that Pitt could do more for the LGBTQ community.

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"While I’ve had a great experience at Pitt as a queer man, I don’t think Pitt has systems in place to support its queer students. Or if they exist, I wasn’t told about them," student Austin Kellar told The Pitt News.

Campus Reform spoke with Kellar about his concerns.

“When I was asked to be interviewed for the Pitt News and they asked ‘What initiatives has Pitt taken to gain their ranking,’ I had no idea they had taken specific action,” Kellar told Campus Reform. “I asked my fellow queer friends and they were clueless as well. Obviously, people in the community do not even know what Pitt is doing to benefit them.”

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Campus Reform spoke with another Pitt student, who chose to remain anonymous, about his fellow students’ demands. 

“If I come out as a member of that community, that shouldn’t grant me special access to the benefits of their cultural group, it should be given to all students at Pitt and whoever wants to support the LGBTQ+.”

The student added, “If you need special treatment, you should contact student health or DRS (Disability and Resources and Services).”

Campus Reform reached out to the University of Pittsburgh and the school's Rainbow Alliance organization for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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