Students are unable to define 'woman,' campus poll shows

The University of Alabama Young Americans for Freedom conducted a campus poll which found only about 28% of respondents define woman by biology.

Many students were unwilling to answer the question, the results showed.

The University of Alabama Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter conducted a campus poll which found that only about 28% of respondents defined women by biology, The Capstone Free Press reported.

The poll was conducted during a tabling event at the Tuscaloosa campus promoting YAF’s Oct. 27 event featuring Matt Walsh. A graphic of the results published by The Capstone Free Press showed 27.9% of respondents defined a woman by biological standards. 

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13.7% defined “woman” as “whatever they want,” 18.3% gave “unique responses,” and three students defined the term as a “social construct.” 

26.4% of respondents reportedly “dodged [the] question.”

When comparing male and female responses, it was found that 36.7% of male students gave a biological answer to the question compared to only 19.2% of females.

Ginger Morrow, Editor-in-Chief of The Capstone Free Press told Campus Reform that “women are unique, differently abled and minded than men.”

“We have separate sports and private spaces for a reason,” she continued. “It’s upsetting that women are so willing to give up what we’ve worked for or deny our own identities in the name of inclusivity. We don’t have to, and we shouldn’t.” 

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Wyatt Eicholz, President of the YAF chapter, told Campus Reform that “when two out of three students give an answer that contradicts what 100% of human beings understand to be true, it demonstrates the strength of the left’s stranglehold on the culture.” 

Eicholz is also a Campus Reform Correspondent.

“I believe that everyone on this campus is aware of the biological definition of a woman,” he said. 

“The fact that so many of the students we asked were hesitant to answer that way suggests two things: first, that a few students are ideologically motivated to deny biological reality and adopt a logically nonsensical view to exert control over the culture, and second, that many more students are willing to go along out of a desire ‘not to be offensive’ or a fear of suffering the repercussions.”

The University of Alabama has been contacted for this story. This article will be updated accordingly.