Students want campuses reopened, lament ‘quality’ of online classes

Most students favored reopening campuses, and confirmed their dislike for online learning.

Campus Reform asked students about reopening campuses after the coronavirus pandemic.

As campuses remain closed with the fall semester approaching, Campus Reform asked students at the University of Florida about reopening college and university campuses. 

Most students called for campuses to be reopened if schools could implement social-distancing measures and provide coronavirus testing. 

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“Gradually, and make sure they’re taking the proper precautions,” one student said. She added that the longer schools wait to reopen will only “make things a little bit worse.” 

“As long as you keep the classes smaller and rearranged a bit more so students can spread out,” another student added. 

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Students also shared their thoughts on online learning brought about the coronavirus, and most said they dislike online classes. 

“I’ve actually considered taking off some time, like maybe doing a gap year, if this corona thing continues,” one student said when asked if he had considered changing his future academic plans. 

“I feel like the quality [of online learning] is not as high,” another added. 

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