Sunday Opinion: What is Your American Dream?

This week saw the beginning stages of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as well as a national debate surrounding the government shutdown. 

It all made me think about where society is heading. How future generations view the role of government. It brought up an important question. What is the American dream of young, college aged Americans? 

The pillars of society rise and fall based on the dreams of each generation. But it is the root of these dreams that determines the fate of society, and our nation has fundamentally changed.

Andy Andrews’ The Heart Mender explored societal evolution in a way that I believe closely relates to America.

America sought, from bondage, spiritual faith, from spiritual faith we found courage, courage brought liberty, and liberty brought abundance. But that abundance created complacency, and complacency has led to apathy. 

The political apathy that so dominates young Americans has led to an entitlement mindset, some form of government dependence. That dependence will eventually bring us back into bondage.

WATCH: “We’re not here to start a revolution, we’re here to preserve one.”

Whether it’s a reliance on government recognition of relationships, student loan forgiveness, government healthcare, or an overall transference of individual responsibilities into an obligation of the collective. The sacrifice of freedom of choice in exchange for government reliance will create servitude. 

These small changes are eroding the very principles that made this country prosper, that helped lift millions upon millions out of bondage. 

After seeing this week’s events unfold my message to young Americans is simple. You have a responsibility to restore the liberty that our nation has lost. 

A fellow Young Conservative once told me, “We’re not here to start a revolution, we’re here to preserve one.” 

What is the root of your American Dream?

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