Sunday Opinion: The Competence of President Obama

America is on the verge of going to war with Syria, Russia and Iran. Will President Obama make a competent commander-in-chief?

Has President Obama demonstrated competence on any of the pressing issues facing America?

In the 56 months Barack Obama has been president, unemployment has dropped from 7.8 percent in 2009 to 7.3 percent in August of 2013.

CNS News has reported that nearly 10 million people are no longer participating in the labor force. Unemployment among African Americans is near 13 percent, Hispanics 9.4 percent, and teens, nearly 24 percent.

Has the President’s economic agenda demonstrated any sense of competence?

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As Stephen Moore pointed out in the Wall Street Journal:

"According to the Sentier research, households headed by single women, with and without children present, saw their incomes fall by roughly 7%. Those under age 25 experienced an income decline of 9.6%. Black heads of households saw their income tumble by 10.9%.”

Moore’s point? That the president’s economic policies have not improved the lives of single women, minorities and the youth.

Before you go blaming President George W. Bush, realize the unemployment average during President Bush’s eight years in office was 5.3%. The current national unemployment rate is 7.4%.

Stephen Moore reports that economic competency amidst obstruction is possible. Census data from 1981-2008 indicates that “the biggest income gains were for black women, 81%; followed by white women, 67%; followed by black men, 31%; and white males at 8%.”

And that’s just the President’s incompetence on economic issues, something he’s supposed to be an expert on.

The man was elected with zero foreign policy experience. If the president is this weak on his strong points, how strong can he possibly be on his weak points? What gives anyone the idea he’ll be competent waging a war against Syria, Iran and Russia?

I’m not comparing the prospects of war with the economy. I’m talking about competence, the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Is the President able to identify achievable goals, and lead policies that will achieve, or come close to achieving those objectives.

President Obama economic failures are similar to his failed role as commander in chief during the Benghazi attacks or his botched attempt to positively influence the Arab spring.

America elected the best campaigner, not commander.

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