Sunday Opinion: Obamacare and young Americans

Are young Americans being mandated to buy health care we don’t want from a website that doesn’t work just to cover the cost of insuring older generations?


Forbes reports that “In the exchanges, a young person will have to pay an estimated $250 per month for basic insurance,” a deliberately high premium intended to offset the health care expenses of older generations.

Insurance premiums for young adults are expected to increase in 45 states because of Obamacare.

According to the Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis some states will experience health insurance premium increases of over 250 percent for individuals age 27 and under.

A Manhattan Institute analysis estimates insurance rates for young men will increase 97 to 99 percent. Young women could see a 55 to 62 percent increase.


And it is all made possible through the individual mandate.

During the campaign, candidate Obama denounced a mandate, mocked the mandate, but ultimately, as President, he implemented the health insurance mandate.

Right on par, the tools the government provided for us to fulfill the mandate have been a complete disaster.  

In 2007, one of the key promises made by President Obama was to use “information technology” for the purpose of reducing waste and inefficiency in our health care industry.

“We will reduce waste and inefficiency by moving from a 20th century health care industry, based on pen and paper, to a 21st century industry based on the latest information technology.”

The implementation of his “21st century” information technology website has been anything but efficient.

The truth is, liberals implemented health care reform to expand power and increase reliance on the government.

Progressives are advancing their agenda on the backs of those we’re supposed to be helping. Liberals are drowning future generations with insurmountable debt and it’s time we stand up and make our voice heard.

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