Sunday Opinion: The pro-life movement must unite

This weekend, as hundreds of people attended the Florida Right to Life banquet, I felt compelled to encourage the movement to embrace new methods of delivery for pro-life messages. 

The pro-life movement must evolve. We must engage in conversations, stop our judgements and ask more questions. 

Questions are powerful. If delivered with precision, a question can break down the barriers of communication. A question can open the door for persuasion. 

A question can reveal intentions, motives, or a lack of critical analysis on one’s ideology.

The pro-life movement must move away from judgements, from statements and non-solicited opinions. We must start asking questions.

Watch: The pro-life movement must unite


Questions like, if the government does not belong in the bedroom, why should the government pay for what goes on inside the bedroom. 

Questions, like the ones reported on by Campus Reform, asking pro-choice students if they support abortion on demand for the sole reason of having casual sex.

These questions reveal motives, lack of critical thought, and they advance the pro-life message in a way the movement must embrace.

Young leaders in the pro-life movement are making waves and it’s time we all unite. 

“Our movement must become unified, we must bring the Pro-Life community together as each and every one of us plays a specific role within saving the unborn" said Rachel Burgin, Executive Director of Florida Right to Life.

We must build new coalitions, promote new leaders and embrace new tactics for delivering our message of life. 

We can win and we must never never stop until we restore the inalienable right to life. 

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