Sunday Opinion: Universities must be held to a higher standard

Earlier this year Michigan State University professor William Penn was caught on film berating conservatives, attacking Ann Romney, and claiming Republicans “raped” this country. All during his creative writing course.

Penn was promptly suspended. Problem solved, right?

David Guth, a professor of journalism at the University of Kansas (KU), blamed the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the Navy Yard shooting and wished death upon the children of NRA members.

“#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” “Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters, Guth tweeted. “Shame on you. May God damn you.”

Professor Guth was placed on administrative leave. Problem solved, right?


The left is consumed with optics. Progressives want to be seen as neutral purveyors of justice. But in reality, progressives are nothing more than cowards unable to deliver justice onto those with whom they sympathize.

During the suspension, MSU continued to pay William Penn his $146,510 salary. Campus Reform has now reported that Professor Penn’s teaching assignments have been reinstated and he will again teach at Michigan State University starting Jan. 6.

KU announced that professor of journalism David Guth would return to work, but with revised duties.

See, after the smoke clears and the heat is off, liberals show their true colors. University leadership apparently does not object with the way these professors conducted themselves. If they did, Penn and Guth would not continue to receive their cushy public university salaries.

It is concerning that no university authority had the spine to hand these radicals a pink slip.

The extreme nature of many university administrators is the reason advocating for the anal rape of innocent people does not disqualify one from speaking to a class. It's the reason professors who claim that Republican candidates see women as “sperm receptacles,” receive less than a slap on the wrist for their innapropriate comments.

Professors know that when they mandate students write the name ‘Jesus’ on pieces of paper and then force the class to stomp on it, as was the case at Florida Atlantic University, the consequences will be short lived.

Too many institutions of higher learning have anything but a zero-tolerance policy regarding political proselytizing and downright bullying by those in authority.

When it comes to fostering an environment of civility, of diversity, of critical thought, our universities must be held to a higher standard.

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