Supreme Court is 'unfit for democracy,' student newspaper claims

The Pitt News editorial board published a rebuke of the current Supreme Court amid arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson.

A university spokesperson said the newspaper does not reflect the views of the school.

The current Supreme Court case Dobbs V. Jackson has the potential to overturn part or all of Roe V. Wade. That prospect led The Pitt News editorial board to label the judicial branch “unfit for democracy” because it currently has six conservative justices

This article claims that ‘the Supreme Court has fully transformed into a partisan institution unfit for democracy,” the editorial from the University of Pittsburgh outlet reads.

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The editorial also states, “This original design as a nonpartisan institution goes out the window when Republicans have packed it with far-right zealots.” 

A university spokesperson from the University of Pittsburgh told Campus Reform, “The Pitt News is an independent student-run newspaper whose editorials represent the views of its student editors, not of the University.”

Anna Schanne, president of UPitt’s Choose Life chapter, shared her perspective on the editorial.

The role of the Supreme Court is to provide ‘equal justice under the law,’ as is said above the main entrance to the Supreme Court building,” Schanne said. 

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Additionally, Schanne believes that there are misconceptions about the pro-life movement. 

“Both sides care for women, but the unfortunate disconnect is how we actually do this. Assuming Roe v. Wade gets overturned soon, both pro-life and pro-choice groups should be turning their attention to practical help and care for pregnant and parenting women.”

Campus Reform reached out to the Pitt News Editorial Board for comment, but did not receive a response. 

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