SURVEY: College-educated whites more likely to say Trump is racist than non-college educated ones

A new survey shows that white college graduates are much more likely to believe that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are motivated by racist beliefs than are whites who do not have a college degree.

Quinnipiac University’s July 30 survey on Trump’s perceived racism indicated that 46 percent of respondents who are white and have a college degree believe that “the main motive behind President Trump’s immigration policies” is not a “sincere interest in securing our borders” but, rather, Trump’s “racist beliefs.” 

Only 31 percent of white people without a college degree said that Trump’s immigration policies are mainly influenced by “racist beliefs.”

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”Given the far-left groupthink that is pervasive in academia today, these results are not surprising,” Dale Wilcox, executive director and general counsel at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, told Campus Reform. “What is revealing is that working-class people, those who are more impacted by the harmful effects of illegal immigration, have a far more reality-based view of the problem.”

Additionally, the survey found that 54 percent of white people with a college degree believe that Trump himself is racist, while 43 percent of white respondents without a college degree believe the sitting president is racist.

Forty-nine percent of respondents overall said that Trump’s immigration policies are motivated by a “sincere interest in securing our borders” while 41 percent attributed the policies’ origins to Trump’s “racist beliefs.” Similarly, 51 percent of respondents overall said that Trump himself is racist while 45 percent said he is not. 

Campus Reform previously traveled to Georgetown University to ask students about Obama’s statements regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants. The students, however, assuming that the statements were Trump’s policies, condemned the quotes. One student even said the statement came from “white American nationalism,” while another said it was “really awful,” before realizing that they had misattributed the quote to Trump.

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“One person can say something five years ago and next thing you know it doesn’t apply to them anymore and they can now be the morality police for whoever is in office now,” one student noted, regarding the increasing tendency of hypocrisy in politics.

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