SURVEY: Liberals outnumber conservatives 53-3 among top university graduation speakers

Young America's Foundation's Commencement Speakers Survey found that the top 100 universities in America overwhelmingly invited liberal speakers to deliver commencement addresses.

Out of 56 identified speakers, only three are conservative.

A Young America’s Foundation (YAF) survey found that out of 56 speakers invited to deliver 2022 commencement addresses at the top 100 United States colleges, only three were conservative.

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin, football icon Tim Tebow, and Greece Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis were the lone conservative voices elevated during the spring commencement season.

Youngkin delivered his speech to Virginia Tech graduates on May 13. Tebow pulled double duty by delivering speeches at the University of Florida on Apr. 29 and Trine University on May 7.

Mitsotakis will address Boston College graduates on May 23.

In his speech, Youngkin called on higher education institutions to renounce “cancel culture” and find a way to promote civil discourse.

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By contrast, the top colleges and universities welcomed 53 liberal speakers to campus this year. 

Notable names included President Joe Biden, former NBA player Dwayne Wade, and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Biden will address graduates at the University of Delaware on May 28. Wade, known for his social justice advocacy, will speak to Marquette University graduates on May 22.

 Ardern will speak at Harvard University’s ceremony on May 26.

Campus Reform reported earlier this year on various social justice activists, liberal politicians, and “woke CEOs” speaking at graduations this year. 

recent YouGov America poll found that 47% of Americans believe that college campuses make students more liberal than when they began.

Approximately 56% of college graduates agreed that college and universities foster liberal ideology. In contrast, only 6% of respondents reported that attending college makes students more conservative, while 22% believed that it made no difference.

This trend is apparent as graduation ceremonies become a soapbox for liberal activists to advance a partisan agenda.

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At American University, MSNBC host Symone Sanders rallied for social justice while speaking to School of Public Affairs graduates.

At George Washington University (GWU), Representative Susan Wild (PA- D) focused her speech against former President Donald Trump.

In her speech, she criticized GWU professor Jonathan Turley for not supporting Trump’s impeachment despite his alleged “bloody assault” on democracy.

Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis apologized on Monday after declaring in her University of Wyoming speech that there are only “two sexes.” 

Students booed the comment during the May 14 ceremony. 

Campus Reform contacted every individual and school mentioned in this article and will update accordingly.

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