SURVEY: Majority of students admit conservatives face at least 'some' discrimination'

A new survey has found that roughly a third of college students believe discrimination against politically conservative students occurs at high levels on campus.

According to a survey produced by College Pulse, an analytics company, 34 percent of students say there is “a lot” or “quite a bit” of discrimination against conservative students on their respective campuses and 33 percent believe “very little” or no discrimination against conservatives happen at all. The remaining 33 percent did say they felt discrimination against conservatives occurs “some” on campus.

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College Pulse’s “Student Discrimination” survey asked 12,300 students from more than 800 four-year institutions across the country about their perception of the climate on campus. The survey asked respondents a variety of questions about discrimination across gender and sexuality groups as well discrimination against those with politically conservative views.

Of the 12,300 students surveyed on various forms of discrimination, 13 percent felt they had personally been discriminated against in some way. Other forms of discrimination that respondents were asked about included race, sex, and sexual orientation.

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When asked what the larger problem was on campus, students responded:

  • 37% Discrimination based on the prejudice of individual people
  • 22% Discrimination based in institutional policies and practices
  • 27% Both equally
  • 14% Neither are problems
  • <1% Refused

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