Texas Tech Young Cons fire back at Student Dems

The Young Conservatives of Texas Tech University are refusing to apologize for exposing a tweet by the school’s Black Student Association (BSA) stating that “blue” and “white” lives “don’t matter.”

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was posted on June 6, just one day before the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas.

The tweet read:

The TTU Young Cons were instrumental in publicizing the tweet, prompting the Tech Student Democrats group to post a Facebook message Wednesday night chastising them for posting “false statements” and demanding an apology.

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“It has been brought to our attention that a statement about our friends at the Black Student Association of Texas Tech is being spread around social media. We would like to relay the message that the malicious tweet bearing the Texas Tech BSA’s name is not representative of the organization’s mission,” the statement reads. “Tech Student Democrats would like to extend our full support to our university’s Black Student Association by urging those who have spread false statements about the organization to apologize and stand in solidarity with the Black Student Association.”

The Young Cons responded in kind, demanding an apology of their own from the BSA for tweeting the post in the first place.

“The reason that we have publicized this tweet is because it is part of a poisonous and malignant anti-cop narrative that has been spreading throughout this nation. We believe that not only blue and black lives matter, but that all lives matter. This is why we are calling for the Texas Tech Black Student Association to apologize for this tweet.”

The statement goes on to call for a “full investigation into exactly what happened and...who perpetrated this horrendous act,” and reiterates the group’s refusal to apologize for publicizing the tweet, pointing out that the same First Amendment that protects the BSA’s right to post their tweet also allows them to “publicly call for an apology and redress of their actions.”

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