'That's threatening': Campus Reform's Lawrence Jones, Kassy Dillon react to disturbing realities for UT-Austin conservatives

As Campus Reform reported, a student group at the college threatened to dox students who join conservative student organizations.

Campus Reform's Lawrence Jones and Kassy Dillon weighed in on the controversy on Fox & Friends.

Students heading off to college for the first time likely already have a lot to worry about, but students going to UT-Austin might have a bit more anxiety.

Freshmen beginning their first year at the University of Texas-Austin might be just a little on edge than students at some other schools around the country, especially if they are conservative. 

That’s because, as Campus Reform has reported, a student group named the Autonomous Student Network has threatened to dox students who join conservative student organizations.  

Doxing is releasing the personal contact information of individuals without their consent or knowledge, such as phone numbers, email addresses or even home addresses. 

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Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Jones and Correspondent Kassy Dillon joined Fox & Friends Thursday morning to discuss the state of college campuses during this back to school season when the UT-Austin controversy came up. Host Steve Doocy read the tweet from the Autonomous Student Network, on which Campus Reform previously reported.

”Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT [Young Conservatives of Texas] or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these,” the group tweeted in June, linking to a page on its website, on which it previously posted the private information, including emails and phone numbers, of Kavanaugh supporters.

”That’s threatening,” Dillon said of the tweet. “They’re trying to suppress your voice. This is something we see on campuses a lot. People really feel like they can’t speak up. It happens in the classroom too, which is probably the most problematic.” 

When asked specifically what the families of students going off to college should expect and be prepared for, Jones said, “they should be prepared for indoctrination to their kids.” 

”These colleges are completely run by leftist professors, academics, people who are really pushing this leftist ideology,” Dillon said.

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