THE SCROLL: male 'sorority girl' cries with joy that he can keep ogling female members

The male sorority member who won a lawsuit against the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at the University of Wyoming cried when he found out he was allowed to stay in the sorority.

Journalist Oli London posted a picture on Twitter of Wyoming sorority member Artemis Langford crying after a judge dismissed the sorority’s lawsuit against him. The photo itself came from a puff piece in the Washington Post detailing the circumstances of the case

”Transgender ‘Sorority Girl’ poses for a photo as he cries after winning court bid to stay in all girls Sorority House- despite sexually harassing at least 7 girls,” London tweeted. “A Wyoming judge will allow Artemis Langford to continue living in the female sorority house after a failed bid by a group of girls to ban him.”  

”Langford a 6ft2 man, has been accused of exposing his erection multiple times while appearing aroused in front of the girls at the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house at the University of Wyoming.”  

”He is also accused of taking discreet photos of the girls at slumber parties while getting aroused.”

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”He is also heterosexual, with a sexual interest in women and had a Tinder profile where he was looking to match with women.” 

”After the Judge dismissed the lawsuit, the biological man said:  ’Maybe I can just be another student on campus, another regular sister in the Wyoming chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma? Maybe I can just be me.’”  

”The 21 year old man still identifies as male on his ID, despite having the opportunity to change it,” added London.

”He was also alleged on one occasion to have watched girls undress, while hiding  in a corner and holding his hands over his genitals- according to the original lawsuit filed by the sorority sisters.”