The Weekly Roundup (1/4/16-1/8/16)

Monday 4 January

Profs call ranchers hypocrites for occupying ‘sacred Native land’ to protest federal overreach

Apparently, failure to renounce one’s American citizenship makes one complicit in every action the government has ever taken. How else to explain the notion that only individuals of the appropriate hue can legitimately protest government violations of property rights?

Anti-Israel prof receives $825,000 settlement from University of Illinois

The brokest state in the country is about to get a bit broker…

Tuesday 5 January

History profs. resoundingly reject anti-Israel resolution as outside their area of expertise

Sure, it’s not as though they’re the Modern Language Associationor the American Studies Association—now, those guys know from millennia-old political disputes on the other side of the world.

Knee-jerk fear of free markets leads retired prof to condemn private med school

“Doctor shortages, be damned! If the greedy capitalist pigs are allowed to build a med school, they might (gasp) profit from it!”

Okay, that’s not a (quite) a direct quote, but one gets the distinct impression that this fellow can’t understand what all the concern over doctor shortages is about, anyway, since the government can always just mandate that there be more healthcare (and at lower prices, too!).

Harvard law prof: if you want a ‘safe space’, don’t go to college

You can trust him—a Harvard Law civil liberties professor should know better than anyone that college is not an intellectual safe space.

Pomona president blames Trump for student racial protests

But not for the reason you might think: this guy posits that students’ frustration at their inability to influence Trump’s behavior is causing students to focus on “one little thing” that will attract national attention.

Lawmakers call on Mizzou to fire Comms prof who called for ‘muscle’ to evict reporters

Perhaps Alec Baldwin will have a place for her on his personal staff, since she’s already demonstrated a similar affinity for attacking photographers.

Notre Dame prof. blames repeated failure of gun control measures on racism

He also noted that he is “not concerned with refuting gun lobby arguments,” which is not just painfully obvious from his blanket accusation of racism, but also lamentably representative of the prevailing attitudes of academia.

Wednesday 6 January

Diversity VP resigns after Missouri State dismisses claim that everyone was out to get him

Considering that the sporadically-coherent allegations of “gross and racist treatment” were made not by the VP himself, but by a concerned “friend,” we suspect the resignation has more to do with embarrassment than sour grapes.

Poll finds majority support for policing offensive speech on campuses

Americans once again reaffirmed their preference to both have and eat their cake, deeming college diversity offices “a waste of money” while simultaneously calling for students to be punished for “offensive speech.” What do they think those diversity officers do all day, anyway?

Only (?) five percent of Mizzou faculty support Comms prof who strong-armed reporters

We must admit we were truly on the fence about the wording of that headline. On the one hand, 95 percent of the faculty don’t explicitly support Prof. Click, which is encouraging. On the other, 5 percent do support retaining—in the role of a communications instructor, no less—an individual who was caught on video calling for “muscle” to help remove a photographer from a public demonstration on a public university campus.

Columbia University called out for free speech hypocrisy

No, Columbia, it isn’t enough just to say you won’t punish offensive speech. You actually have to stop punishing offensive speech.

Obama forces university to close gun control town hall to the public

Will someone please explain to ol' Barry the difference between a town hall and a pep rally?

Thursday 7 January

Law prof. who specializes in ‘Nigga Theory’ accuses former NFL player of ‘coonin’’

At least he’s willing to practice what he preaches when it comes to racial epithets…

‘Freedom University’ helps illegal immigrants bypass Georgia laws

Is it a coincidence that the “school’s” initials spell out their attitude towards state law? We think not.

Universities invite students to Hokey Pokey against privilege

You put your ‘privilege’ in, you take self-loathing out … and that’s pretty much what it’s all about.

Friday 8 January

Missouri lawmaker proposes bill to protect student journalists from censorship

Even as we applaud the effort, though, we can’t shake the sneaking suspicion that the new law would do much to deter the sort of people who casually disregard the Constitution when it conflicts with their emotional reactions … er, “policy positions.”

VIDEO: GMU students join protest outside Obama’s gun control ‘town hall’

Someone had to take the initiative in presenting the other side of the issue, what with Obama sitting there fielding “questions” such as whether his opponents are outright evil or just plain crazy.

Arming of campus cops has one Boston student shaking in her boots

When she fretfully equates officers having semiautomatic rifles in their trunks to the creation of a SWAT team, it becomes clear that ignorance is not necessarily bliss.

Tenn. lawmakers fears getting ‘Trumped’ on plan to give tuition breaks to illegals

Trump probably isn’t even aware of the bill. This guy just thinks that the more public debate there is about illegal immigration, the less likely it is that people will want to reward that behavior.

Hawaii student denied teaching certificate for questioning age of consent

Child predation is clearly a terrible thing. However, so is the precedent that a person can be denied a professional certification merely for holding an opinion.

OSU tells marching band that push-ups are ‘physical abuse’

And with that, nerdy, husky, and just plain lazy students in elementary and high schools across the nation were provided with perhaps the most effective antidote to gym teachers yet devised.

OSU hold segregated retreats for white and minority students to separately explore ‘white identity’

It makes perfect sense, if you don’t think about it: after all, letting white students in on the strategies for combatting their omnipresent racism would be like letting an opposing team film your practices.