The Weekly Roundup: Good for what ails ya

Monday, 18 July

LGBT group joins opposition to Harvard single-gender club ban

Watching the progressive movement this year has become increasingly like watching one of those Chinese dragons at the parades, except the SJW dragon isn’t so scary because all of its individual dancers underneath the facade of fear have trashed the script and are running in different directions.

Documentary blames Brown for hostility to speech on campus

Considering that Brown is the same school where students tried to shut down the student newspaper merely for publishing an op-ed, this seems like a reasonable assessment.

UPenn health prof: DNC fart-in should take about 6 hours to begin

Campus Reform dares you—yes, you!—to find anything more emblematic of the degeneracy of the left than this prepubescent protest of the democratic process.

Officials shoot down claim that UC buffaloes black athletes

Turns out the Chancellor is just a big ole gossip. Either that, or fact-checking the claim was just subordinate in his mind to stoking racial tensions.

P.S. We were really proud of this headline. “Buffaloes” UC’s mascot, get it? If you are equally as satisfied, give the headline a nice little stroke with the mouse cursor for a few seconds.

UWM prof advocates ‘abolition of whiteness’

Genocide is bad, mmmk?

Tuesday, 19 July

Volunteer bathroom-inspectors pick out gender-inclusive restrooms

An impromptu survey reveals that exactly nobody at Campus Reform would have wanted that job.

Law schools worry bar-passage standard will undermine diversity

We can’t argue with that prediction, but we do have to question why administrators want to saddle minority students with law school debt if they don’t expect them to pass the bar exam.

Oh, right—because the real color that law schools care about it the color of money.

Grad student: Blue Lives Matter puts whites on ‘wrong side of history’

The student asserts that saying “Blue Lives Matter” places a higher value on the lives of police. But Black Lives Matter, a black supremacist movement? Never!

Also, someone please tell this student, whose background is in logical, scientific subjects, that the whole “right side of history” thing is patent sophistry.

Prof redoubles support for kids of same-sex couples after resigning

The liberal faculty members who railroaded Prof. Lopez into early retirement apparently didn’t expect to make him into a martyr. Boo-hoo for them.

PSU prof blames white liberals for hindering diversity efforts

In other news, the pot called the kettle black before getting bias-reported for racism.

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants is ‘not enough,’ NJ lawmakers say

It would behoove them to recall that when you subsidize something, you get more of it.

Social justice on Mars

Better there than here…

Wednesday, 20 July

GOP platform denounces ‘indoctrination’ by campus liberals

One wonders if they’ve finally been reading Campus Reform.

Required reading: stereotypes are ‘part of American landscape’

Sounds to us like an argument for apathy, but for some reason the author reaches the exact opposite conclusion.

NC State abandons speech restrictions after judicial rebuke

The fact that this sort of thing requires a judge to correct is a sad commentary on the state of free speech on America’s campuses.

UND accused of apathy toward diversity for consolidating multicultural centers

Yeah, we got our hopes up, too. Alas, liberal logic remains as unreliable as ever.

Lutheran University to host ‘Gay & Gray’ event for elderly LGBT residents

If you’re looking for a joke, you’ve gone too far. Check the headline again.

Thursday, 21 July

Yale offers to rehire worker who destroyed Calhoun window

The school realized that white supremacy is the real culprit and has issued an arrest warrant.

UT Diversity Office wins ‘Pork of the Year Award’ for wasting taxpayer money

For a political party with a disproportionate number of vegans and vegetarians, leftists sure do love this kind of pork.

Comedians ‘appalled’ by humorless college students

Sure, the jokesters can just avoid college campuses for now, but what happens when these kids graduate?

Penn State housing co-op for progressive activists facing demolition

Unfortunately, the landlord gave them advance notice, so it’s unlikely that any hippies will be inside when it happens.

Coach K calls HB2 ‘embarrassing’ as LGBT students avoid NC

Actually, it sounds more like the schools that are cancelling their games with the Duke basketball team are sparing themselves some embarrassment.

Allowing students to opt-out of lab groups still discrimination, lawyer says

A student is suing this school for being required to work in an all-female group. Campus Reform wonders why the university did not simply inform the student that she was not, in fact, working in an all-female group and that the most androgynous member actually identified as a two-spirit demigender of nondescript identity and won’t you just leave xir alone, you bigot.

Friday, 22 July

Millennial Republicans demand more ‘inclusivity’ from GOP

If they really want “inclusivity,” we know of a few places they could go. If they’re Republicans, though, they probably won’t much care for any of them.

Campus carry no threat to LGBT safety, Houston student says

How did he manage to figure out that murderers aren’t huge sticklers for lesser laws, either? He certainly didn’t learn it from his professors.

School founded by black Civil War veterans eliminates history degrees

Why? Are they afraid of debunking the social justice narrative?

Mizzou protests were Gov. Nixon’s fault, GOP candidate claims

As far as state slogans go, “Open for Protests” just doesn’t have quite the same ring as “Open for Business.”

Which state would you rather visit?

CRs lead impromptu rally against arbitrary MA gun ban

Considering that protests are usually more of a liberal forte, we’re guessing they weren’t expecting a couple of mere Republicans to amass such a large assemblage in less than 24 hours.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished if one is willing to exert a little effort for it.