The Weekly Roundup: Happy Columbus Day!

Monday 3 October

Two colleges boycott NC sports boycott

But if not for that, would anybody even be aware that the NAIA had decided to boycott the state?

For that matter, would anybody even be aware of the NAIA at all?

Israel, America both ‘fascist states,’ Boston U panelist claims

Always remember: when reason fails you in a debate, you can just accuse your opponent of being in league with Hitler.

Profs blast Christian philosopher over gay marriage remarks

To recap: one guy makes a provocative argument that gay marriage is immoral and contrary to the teachings of Christianity, so his contemporaries call him an asshole and urge him to perform sexual acts.

We’ve seen more enlightened turd-flinging in the chimpanzee cage at the zoo.

NYU Students: Men deserve free tampons. Period.

Well, one supposes they might come in handy if some fellow comes down with a nose bleed...

Oberlin prof punished for anti-Semitic posts blames racism

Not her own racism, of course; she’s simply taken shelter behind her gender and skin color to accuse the school of unfairly investigating her for possible disciplinary action.

If it makes her feel any better, though, we’ve seen plenty of anti-Semitic white males go down the exact same path.

Tuesday 4 October

Student group forbidden from using ‘Trump’ by Penn State

“Any port in a storm,” as they say.

But then, you are supposed to stay in that port for the duration of the storm, and not keep switching ports.

Illegal Immigrants should be ‘treated as Americans,’ Crimson editors assert

Ok, provided the “treatment” comes out of your pockets.

American U asks job applicants to show ‘multicultural competence’

Because it’s actually supposed to be named “Global U.”

Claremont students: masculinity is ‘toxic to our mental health’

Well, something is, that’s for certain.

Prof creates towering Trumpian border wall for Halloween

Apparently it is possible to express political opinions tastefully.

App State joins gender-neutral homecoming bandwagon

Seriously. People actually bother coming back to their college once they’ve gotten their devalued degree?

Wednesday 5 October

Syracuse issues guidelines for reacting to creepy clowns

So, having already been forced to rule out essentially any historical costume, we’re now going to have to trade in our nice, safe, traditional clown costumes, just to avoid being mugged by roving gangs of college students?

VIDEO: Hillary voters know more about Harambe than Tim Kaine

Hillary probably wishes the same were true after the VP debate, because we suspect familiarity tends to breed incredulity in the case of Sen. Kaine.

American U student gov pres demands mandatory trigger warnings

Really, though? That position is an absolute caricature of itself.

UT prof declares ‘inappropriate’ name guess is sexual harassment

There is much to be gleaned from the fact that the TA so quickly identified the incorrect guess as a reference to an obscure nude model. Why is the TA so familiar with the world of nude modeling?

‘Is your costume racist?’ UW-LaCrosse asks students

“Is this really where you want to go after investigating a crucifix as a ‘hate incident’?” Campus Reform asks UW-LaCrosse.

‘Bill Clinton rapes’ covered up before OU speech

So, what else is new? Bill Clinton has been covering up his rapes for pretty much all of his adult life.

Thursday 6 October

Anti-Israel group holds ‘apartheid wall’ protest on Rosh Hashanah

Needlessly provocative? Perhaps, but on the other hand, there were hardly any Jewish students on campus, so maybe it backfired on them, anyway.

GW prof gives extra credit for pro-abortion, pro-Dem event

He would gladly do the same for any pro-life or pro-GOP event, were he to be involved in one.

Of course, he also made fairly clear that the only involvement he would ever have with such an event would be protesting it.

Abolish safe spaces, MTSU student govt demands

Wait, what? Are they putting something in the water in middle Tennessee? And can we arrange to have it bottled and exported?

UW students sell anti-police, anti-white hoodies

The slogans aren’t even witty. Who wants to wear a sweatshirt that alienates half the people they encounter if it doesn’t at least make the other half laugh?

BC students worry their president doesn’t care enough

We urge him to stay his course. Let them cry it out for a while and they’ll be more mature for the experience.

Friday 7 October

Frat cams give NC State intimate view of bros

This one is just creepy. The sort of thinking that allows one to justify surveilling someone’s bedroom is the same sort that leads Orwell was trying to warn us about.

FIU urged students to attend pro-BLM ‘blackout’ event

In this situation, if the term “blackout” had been used by anyone else, it would’ve been decried as racist.

UVA profs taught to incorporate ‘diversity and inclusivity’ into course syllabi

For instance, they can use rainbow-colored fonts to make LGBT students feel more welcome.

Christina Hoff Sommers talks feminism at CSULA

The protesters are becoming lackluster. Is CHS getting less “offensive,” or are they just tired of being rhetorically abused?

Columbia to host queer activism retreat for LGBTQ students

Pshaw. The ROTC students would never retreat.

Cazenovia RA’s to work for ‘Multicultural Resource Center’

At a certain point, the hassle just isn’t going to be worth the stipend anymore, and then how will the school replace the revenue stream that RA’s used to generate with drinking fines?

Gender-neutral housing goes largely unnoticed at Pitt

If housing becomes gender-neutral and nobody it actually gender-neutral?