'Time to stomp some eggs': UNT students threaten to ransack Bible verse Easter egg hunt

Conservatives at the University of North Texas hid Easter eggs stuffed with Bible verses across campus.

Other students threatened to tamper with the group’s event.

The University of North Texas’s Young Conservatives of Texas chapter hid hundreds of Easter eggs stuffed with Bible verses across campus. 

Fellow students, however, threatened to tamper with the group’s event, according to one of the group’s leaders. 

“Time to stomp some eggs,” said one person with the bio “UNT Twitter queen.”

time to stomp some eggs pic.twitter.com/Mc34W4Y25Y

“Awesome! I was low on toilet paper,” another social media user reportedly said. 

“Alright guys whoever finds and throws the most away wins a prize,” said a third person. 

The latter two posts were made on “UNT Mobile,” the university’s own mobile app, according to YCT.

Organizers of the event were not pleased with the hostile response. 

“After my fellow students destroyed my org’s abortion memorial, I should have known they would go out and destroy our Bible verse Easter eggs,” wrote Kelly Neidert, a University of North Texas student and Young Conservatives of Texas chapter president.

Neidert was referring to the group’s pro-life display earlier in March, which was destroyed by students overnight. In the fall of 2020, students destroyed a similar Young Conservatives of Texas display.

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Campus Reform has reported on similar instances of college students destroying Christian and conservative events across the United States. 

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Pro-life students’ events have often been the object of such violence. At the University of Florida, for example, students gathered their conservative classmates’ pro-life flags — which were meant to mourn the loss of lives to abortion — into trash bags. 

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Students at Miami University in Ohio have faced similar opposition on numerous occasions. 

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Campus Reform reached out to the University of North Texas for comment; this article will be updated accordingly. 

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