Top 10 video moments of 2021

With 2022 around the corner, Campus Reform is reviewing the people, demonstrations, and events caught on film this year.

With 2022 around the corner, Campus Reform is reviewing the people, demonstrations, and events caught on film this year. 

Here are ten ‘man on the street’ highlights from 2021.  

10. WATCH: Would students feel comfortable saying these conservative slogans on campus?

Campus Reform’s Logan Dubil asked students if they feel comfortable saying “conservative slogans” publicly on their campus. 

When asked if they would say that there are only two genders, students did not feel comfortable because “some people have other beliefs and according to one student, “No matter what you think, you don’t really need to say it.”

9. OOPS: Smith Calls Out Socialist After ACCIDENTALLY Saying Taxation is Theft!

When speaking to a socialist student, Addison Smith called him out for accidentally admitting that taxation is theft. However, the student rolled with the punches, saying, “It is stealing, like yeah, let’s steal.” 

8. Students Say ‘My Body My Choice’... Until it Comes to Vaccine Mandates

As vaccine mandates swept higher education, Campus Reform asked students if the “my body my choice” argument still applies. Students were gung-ho about abortion rights and prohibiting the government from controlling women’s bodies, but they contradicted themselves when they supported vaccine mandates. 

One student admitted her hypocrisy, saying, “Um, I feel like that’s regarding, well I guess you kind of caught me. That was really good.” 

7. Students Love Socialism, Want To Abolish Private Property Rights

Young Democratic Socialists of America at Georgetown University advocated for the abolition of private property rights. 

After a student said he wanted politicians to pass socialist policies, Smith responded, “[So], you want people to choose to elect someone to choose to take away [American’s] private property rights?” The student quipped, “No, it’s just... taxes, not private property rights.’’ When Smith suggested “money is property,” he responded, “If you consider a tax a violation of private property rights, then sure.”

6. Students Are SO PROUD Of Kamala Harris For... Well... They Don’t Know

In August, Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating was at 48 percent, despite this, students were quick to praise the VP. Some adored her for being the first female in the office, others were happy with the representation of people of color.

However, when asked what policies they support, students were unable to name any accomplishments of Harris. 

5. Cubans Give College Students A Lesson On Communism

Campus Reform spoke to Cuban protestors during demonstrations against the country’s communist government. Reporter Addison Smith spoke to Cuban immigrants about their experiences and the difference between Cuba and America.

“Understand that communism kills. They take everything, they teach you, they tell you what to think, what to feel, they even control what music you listen to. Right now in Cuba after 62 years of communism kids are getting shot in the streets just for chanting freedom,” said one protestor. 

4. Women Share What It’s Like Being A Conservative In College

At Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in June, Campus Reform spoke to attendees about their experiences as conservative college students.

When asked if they feel comfortable talking to their professors about politics, the common answer was an immediate no. One student worried it would impact her grade, and others said conservative viewpoints are not welcome on campus. 

3. Students Think America Oppresses Women...Then They Hear About Afghanistan

During the exit of US forces and the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, Campus Reform spoke to students about women’s rights.

Students believed American women were oppressed because of the “wage gap” and “traditional perspectives.” However, after hearing about the conditions women in Afghanistan face, they acknowledged the difference in rights.  

2. Students Sign Fake Petition To CANCEL MEMORIAL DAY Over ‘American Imperialism’

Before Memorial Day, Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith asked students if they would sign a petition to cancel the holiday honoring fallen veterans. 

After signing the petition, one student also called for abolishing the military. He told Smith he developed his opinions after being in college, “I took women’s and gender studies classes and that put me on this path.” 

1. BIDEN REMORSE? Students Give Biden A BRUTAL First 100-Days Rating

In April, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jackson spoke to students about President Biden’s first 100-days in the White House, and the reviews were scathing. 

One student gave Biden a one-star rating and said, “I don’t like what he stands for, I don’t like what he promised on the campaign trail, and I don’t think he’s a competent president.”