Trans activists physically harass Billboard Chris at Portland State University

Chris Elston, popularly known as Billboard Chris, was physically harassed by a trans-female at Portland State University.

The trans-female explained that “the tip of white supremacy is anti-trans discourse” and then threw Elston’s phone across the public square.

On Wednesday, trans activists at Portland State University physically harassed Chris Elston, popularly known as Billboard Chris, as he talked with students on the public Oregon campus about gender ideology and medical interventions for transitioning.

Elston, a Canadian father of two girls, has become well-known for his efforts to “take a stand against gender ideology” by wearing various sandwich board signs in public places to encourage conversations about transgenderism.

His most frequent sign reads “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers” on one side and a definition of the word “dad” as “human male who protects his kids from gender ideology” on the other.

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Elston was filming his interaction with Peter Boghossian, James Klüg, and a local photographer known on  Twitter as Garbage Ghost when a trans-woman (biological male) approached the group on a bicycle and proceeded to interrupt Elston’s conversations with passersby.

The trans-woman is seen in video footage posted by Garbage Ghost attempting to disrupt conversation by getting into the personal space of Elston, Boghossian, and Klüg, and then insisting that they were the ones who started touching him.

Although the footage posted by Garbage Ghost does not follow a linear timeline, the documentation captures a significant portion of the exchange between the bicyclist and Elston.

The full video depicts Elston and a male student discussing the use of puberty blockers and children. The student said that, although it is probably not common, “parents can be pushing [transitioning] on children at a certain level” and that parental “narcissism” may be involved “in very specific cases.”

The trans-woman bicyclist, during this entire conversation, is singing and inserting himself into the conversation to the degree that Elston, Boghossian, and Klüg begin to engage with the bicyclist.

The bicyclist introduces himself as a “trans refugee from West Virginia” and proceeds to explain how the three men are “patriarchal white supremacists.” The West Virginian further explains that “the tip of white supremacy is anti-transgender discourse.”

At some point, video footage shows the trans-woman grabbing Elston’s phone and attempting to ride away. When Elston grabbed the trans-woman’s backpack, the assailant threw the phone down the pathway.

As a greater crowd developed, a different passerby began to scream at Elston and his colleagues that they were the ones endangering children.

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“You don’t help kids with s----. Kids die because of this s----. Children kill themselves because they are not accepted by society because of f---ing idiots like you,” the passerby directed at Elston.

Other females of college age also gathered in the public square with pride flags and tambourines to protest the group’s presence.

Meanwhile, Garbage Ghost was capturing footage of her attempt to help a self-identified “autistic trans lesbian woman” within the vicinity who was high on methamphetamine. The individual was begging for help during what Garbage Ghost describes as “a total mental breakdown.”

All reasonable attempts to contact Elston, Boghossian, Klüg, and Garbage Ghost were made by Campus Reform PSU has not yet responded to Campus Reform’s request for comment, but this story will be updated accordingly.

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