Trans professor trying to 'build a better world' wants 'excrement' Jews to 'rot in hell': report

Mika Tosca defines himself as an activist first and professor second on his website.

Mika Tosca is an associate professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago who appears to think the key to a better world is the shuttling of Jews off to Hell. 

The X account StopAntisemitism quotes a social media post that Tosca wrote in which the activist called Jews “pigs” and “excrement” and wished them all to “rot in hell.” 

On his website, Tosca offers the epigraph, “We can build a better world, we just have to imagine it first.”

The male professor also asks on his website, “How can queer dance spaces engage with the climate crisis to inspire or enact meaningful change?” 

Campus Reform searched Tosca’s social media accounts. All appear to be deleted, including the X account @trans_icon_mika. 

It’s unclear if Tosca truly considers himself a trans icon.