Did a trans studies prof put Joan of Arc in the gender binary? Read the tweet.

Colby Gordon recently tweeted a gendered message about Joan of Arc.

Campus Reform obtained a screenshot of the tweet after the professor made his account private.

Did a transgender studies professor suggest that Joan of Arc would want testosterone because she was a strong woman?

“Happy birthday Joan of Arc, you would have loved testosterone,” Colby Gordon tweeted Jan. 6. 

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Gordon, an assistant professor of literatures in English at Bryn Mawr College, has since made his Twitter account private. However, Campus Reform obtained a screenshot of the tweet.

Campus Reform also obtained a screenshot of Gordon’s Twitter biography taken at the same time as the tweet screenshot.

It reads, “brb teaching Joan of Arc how to inject testosterone and set up a Grindr profile.”

Gordon’s areas of focus include “Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, trans studies, queer theory, law and literature, religion and literature,” according to his staff profile on the college’s website. 

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“Colby Gordon specializes in English Renaissance literature, with a focus on trans studies, religion, and law,” the professor’s staff profile reads. 

It is unclear whether Gordon meant that Joan of Arc would have identified as a man because she was a warrior, or, if she needed help acting like a man when fighting against the English as a woman.

Campus Reform reached out to Bryn Mawr College and Gordon for comment. This article will be updated accordingly.

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