Trinity removes 'Campus Reform Early Responder' job posting...but screenshots live forever

Trinity College in Connecticut has removed a job posting for a "Campus Reform Early Responder."

The page that previously listed the position no longer does so after Campus Reform reported the story.

Trinity College in Connecticut has removed its listing for a “Campus Reform Early Responder.” 

Following Campus Reform’s reporting on the position, which sought a “student researcher” to “monitor” Campus Reform’s “attacks” on professors and after multiple attempts by Campus Reform to reach both the professor seeking to hire for the position and the college’s media relations office, the school now appears to have removed the listing from its website altogether.  

Campus Reform previously obtained a screenshot of the listing. The now-removed listing had mocked Campus Reform as an outlet that reports “news stories” about “perceived” liberal bias. 

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”In reality, this outfit is funded by dark money and organized by right-wing partisan activists, with the ultimate goal of policing and regulating campus speech,” the listing stated, adding that the researcher’s responsibilities would be to “daily monitor the postings on Campus Reform, collect data about the kinds of ‘stories’ they publish, as well as develop ‘early responder’ tools that can be sent to faculty being targeted by Campus Reform, as well as to others positioned to respond to the fallout from these stories.”

One of the “attacks” Trinity had given as an example was from 2017 when Campus Reform quoted a post shared to Facebook by one of its own professors, Johnny Eric Williams, that advocated to let white people “fucking die.” Trinity Professor Isaac Kamola, who was listed as the professor seeking to hire the “Campus Reform Early Responder,” defended Williams in 2017, saying that “Williams’s controversial posts are contributions to an academic conversation...”

Kamola suggested at the time that Williams had only advocated for the white supremacy ideology to die, not actual white people.

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”It is this structure of racialized supremacy that Williams has suggested we “let die.” I’m more inclined than ever to agree with him,” he wrote. 

However, the post shared by Williams in 2017 clearly states “Let them fucking die” while discussing the lives of anyone the writer perceives to be a bigot. According to the author of the post, that would include Republican House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. 

Campus Reform has yet to hear back from Trinity College despite multiple attempts over several days. 

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