Trump Phoenix rally attendee: 'More young conservatives out there than we think'

Students For Trump held an event in Arizona with guest speaker President Trump.

Campus Reform Campus Correspondent Cameron Decker commented that there is “liberal bias that is pervading our college campuses in America."

Students for Trump and Turning Point Action hosted President Donald Trump Tuesday at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. The event was an address to young Americans, with prominent guest speakers such as Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Matt Gaetz. 

Arizona State University student and Campus Reform Correspondent Cameron Decker joined Fox and Friends First Wednesday morning to discuss the event. 

Decker said that “contrary to popular belief there are a lot more young conservatives out there than we think.” 

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He remarked on how the rally was “inspiring” given the climate on college campuses. 

“I think that’s really due to the fact that on our college campuses - and then maybe even in our groups with friends or on social media such as Twitter and Instagram - we often feel as young conservatives and Trump supporters in particular that we fear social ostracization,” Decker said.

”We fear even having our grades lowered in classes because our views don’t align with certain professors and we really just fear being blackballed there are victims of council culture but today’s event was really inspiring,” Decker added. 

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