Tufts Jewish students report being 'spat' on during student gov meeting: 'Go back to Israel'

​​Several Jewish students who attended Monday night's student government meeting at Tufts University said they were subject to harassment and were even spat on.

Several Jewish students who attended Monday night’s student government meeting at Tufts University said they were subject to harassment and even spat on.

According to the Tufts Daily, the Tufts Community Union Senate early Monday morning voted to approve three anti-Israel resolutions in response to the country’s war against Hamas terrorists.

The resolutions called on the university to stop selling Sabra products in its dining halls, acknowledge the so-called Palestinian genocide, and end its investments tied to Israel.

Jewish students at the meeting reported being smelled and spat on, in addition to extreme anti-Semitic comments, According to the Anti-Defamation League of New England.

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”Appalled by reports of vile antisemitism during a student senate meeting @Tufts yesterday. In addition to confronting the passage of pro-BDS resolutions on campus, Jewish students were reportedly told they smelled, were spat on, and overheard blatantly antisemitic comments from their peers,” the ADL posted. “@Tufts must immediately investigate these allegations & take concrete steps to address the antisemitic hostility on campus that has only escalated in the wake of October 7th. ”

A leader of the Tufts Hillel said that Jewish students faced “stomach churning antisemitic taunts and jeering from their peers,” according to the Boston Herald.

According to the report, Jewish students attending the student government meeting were subjected to comments such as “Go back to Israel, we don’t want you here!” and “Israel controls the entire world.”

“What is particularly disturbing (as if the resolutions haven’t caused enough harm), are reports of vitriolic antisemitism expressed throughout the evening by students in support of the resolutions,” Tufts Hillel Executive Director Rabbi Naftali Brawer said.

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A spokesperson for Tufts pointed Campus Reform to a previous statement from university administration, stating an investigation is taking place.

”To that end, though much of the debate at the TCU meeting was civil and respectful, we have received reports of some extremely disturbing antisemitic words and conduct directed to those speaking against the resolutions. In addition, we have learned of Islamophobic actions directed toward supporters of the resolutions,” the administration wrote.

”Let us be entirely clear: antisemitic and Islamophobic words and actions are entirely unacceptable and should be met with condemnation from the entire community, regardless of your perspective on the resolutions. We are actively investigating these accusations thoroughly and will hold accountable any student found to have engaged in these behaviors.”

As Campus Reform previously reported, the resolutions were proposed by the Coalition for Palestinian Liberation, which includes Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine.

 Tufts SJP previously praised the terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, 2023, according to Tufts Daily.