UCF socialists: GOP are 'terrorists,' 'cops are bastards'

The Knights for Socialism (KFS) student group has caused quite a stir at the University of Central Florida (UCF) during its recruitment drive on campus. The group’s Facebook page is replete with statements such as, “Republicans= Terrorists,” and “All cops are bastards.”

One post proclaims that “[c]limate change will bring Unimaginable [sic] horrors in our lifetimes,” and even declares that “all Republicans must be removed from office or people will die.”

This isn’t the first time the Knights have courted controversy. In February, the group held a “Leftist Fight Club” open to all individuals except Republicans. A local amateur boxer was in attendance to teach rudimentary hand-to-hand combat so that attendees could, “BASH THE FASH.”

Kathy Zhu, a political science major at UCF, posted pictures of the group’s tabling on campus, captioning the photos with, “ANTIFA is at UCF! Someone needs to do something about this NOW.”

KFS’s Facebook page describes its goals as, “[r]aising consciousness, fighting for justice, and creating a network of solidarity at UCF.” While the group does not explicitly align with any Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa) groups, its logo is remarkably similar to common Antifa logos.

KFS also appears to endorse Communist ideals in another post featuring an infographic that states, “Why Communism?”

The infographic answers its own question by stating “Because Capitalism Kills,” “Because Capitalism Breeds War,” “Because Capitalism Starves,” “Because Capitalism Creates Inequality,” and “Because Capitalism Failed.”

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The group even shared an article dubbed, “Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism,” suggesting that the “roaring capitalist economy” was to blame for “less satisfying sex.”

KFS is hosted an event Friday titled “People’s Congress of Resistance Information Session.” The event’s description described the session as “an upcoming activist conference that many KFS members will be attending.”

“Activists from all over the country and from a variety of different movements, from Standing Rock to Black Lives Matter and more, will be convening to charter a better vision for the future,” the description continues, stating, “[w]e will be discussing their Manifesto titled ‘Society for the Many.’”

The Society for the Many Manifesto appears to advocate a political revolution in the United States, and is promoted by a group titled, “The People’s Congress of Resistance.”

A passage of the text declares that “[a] vision for social, economic and political revolution is necessary. We need to know where we want to go,” while another states that, “[s]uch an organization of society is possible. Revolution is how we achieve it. We have to become a power that is capable of challenging the existing power.”

The goals of the “People’s Congress,” as listed in the Society for Many Manifesto, include, “[c]ollectivizing the banks, communication, transportation, energy and related industries,” and “[r]eparations for Black [sic] America, self-determination and respect for Native [sic] sovereignty.”

The Knights for Socialism did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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